Anupama 24th July 2021 : Anupama tells kavya and vanraj to leave the house

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Today’s today’s episode start with Anupama and Rakhi. Paritosh agrees to Rakhi Anupama yells at Paritosh.

Anupama asks that vanraj is working hard to make his business successful is that a bad thing. Rakhi says that that is not a bad thing but standing on the road and distributing flyers are bad thing.

Vanraj says that he is trying to stand on his own feet and not seeking help from his mother-in law to get establish.

Paritosh stands stunned. Anupama asks to end the talk. Paritosh says that he is ashamed that he is a member of the Shah family.

Anupama tries to end the conversation but Kavya interrupts she comes and says that Anupama is very clever.

Rakhi agrees to her she says that Anupama is very clever. Rakhi is that a boy and a girl can be friend, but a ex husband and ex wife can never be friends.

Leela and Hasmukh takes Anupama side. Rakhi says Hasmukh not to speak in between otherwise she will misbehave with him. Anupama gets angry she asks rakhi to show her how she will misbehave with Hasmukh in front of her.

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Kavya ,Rakhi keeps on misbehaving with Anupama and insults Anupama. They say that Anupama is a very clever woman and she always stays with vanraj so that she can take him from Kavya.

Anupama says that the main problem with them is this that she is happy even after her divorce.

Anupama asks Kavya that do she have any problem living in the same house, Kavya reply yes. Anupama asks the second question that do Kavya have any problem with vanraj sharing the space with her for his cafe, Kavya says yes.

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Anupama asks kavya to leave the house and pack up her bags.

Anupama says that if she has so many problems with her than she ,must leave as soon as possible.anu says that she can’t leave her family leela,hasmukh ,pakhi so kavya nd vanraj must leave.

Anupama also says that vanraj should leave the cafe,kavya says that he also has equal share in the property,anupama says that the place is on her name and she can ask vanraj to leave the place.Anupama ask srakhi to give place to vanraj and kavya to stay.Rakhi disagree and refuses.

Kavya pleades to anupama to not to throw them out as they both are jobless.

Anupama asks Kavya and Rakhi not to keep taunting else once she will lose her goodness than it will be a problem for both of them. Kavya stand shocked.

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