Apna Time Bhi Aayega Episode 225 : Rajeshwari Gets To Know The Truth Of Ranvijay

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 24th july 2021

Zee tv daily soap Apna time bhi aayega will come up with a new twist in the upcoming episodes.

Recently rani has brought veers patient ranvijay at home so that veer can do the treatment from home. Rani sa is very much upset as she had brought a patient to their house.

In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that rajeshwari tells rani that she wants to know that who is the patient for whom veer is trying so hard .

Rajeshwari goes to see the patient.Rani tries to stop her but as always she does not listen to anyone.

Rajeswari goes to the patient and sees the patient’s face. After finding out that it is ranvijay she stands shocked, she is unable to believe her eye’s that the patient is ranvijay.

She sits on the floor and rajmata arrives in the room and finds that rajeshwari has found the truth.

Rajeshwari screams that it can’t be the truth what she is seeing .Rajmata consoles her that everything will be fine Rani thinks that rajeshwari then knew ranvijay .

What will rani do next ? Will veer get to know the truth of ranvijay?

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In the earlier episodes, it was shown that veer has gone to the operation theater to operate ranvijay.

Suddenly he feels dizzy and can’t get that why he is feeling like that. He does the operation successfully and comes out .rani finds that veer is not ok at all.

The media arrives and asks that how is the patient verr says that he is ok now. The people starts asking that is veer drunk ?They say that how can a doctor get drunk in the operation.

Rani sa performs a test and find that veer is actually drunk.Veer’s doctor lisence gets cancelled and due to that he had to leave the hospital.

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Rani, later on, brings ranvijay home, veer gets happy seeing him.Rani sa tells that her house is not a hospital that a patient will be there.

Rani sa asks veer to throw him out of the house but he doesnot agree to her and veer takes him to the room.

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