Anupama Big Twist Upcoming Episode

anupama 9 april 2024

The contestants arrive at the superstar chef competition. Anupama also enters the stage. The judges explain the rules to the participants.

Judges warn everyone that it would be a tough competition and that failing in any round can lead to disqualification. They make the contestants understand the rules.

One of the judge sees that anu has got hurt in her right hand and asks her about the same. Anu says that its just a minor thing.

Anupama tells that she had experience cooking with her left hand before this.A judge announces his decision, saying that it is not possible and telling Anupama to leave. Anupama gets emotional as she is asked to leave.

Anupama breaks down and recalls how Yashdeep has hope only because of her.But the lady judge asks anu to stop.

The lady judge praises Anupama’s motivation and spirit and gives her another chance.nupama gets emotional as she gets another chance.

The star plus daily soap Anupama is one the most watched shows. The audiences are very excited to know what will be happening in the upcoming episodes.

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