Anupamaa: Will Anupama Get Rejected From The Competition?


Anu gets hurt in her left hand , and she gets anxious thinking about how will she know participate in the cooking competition and win the competition.

Anupama somehow reaches at the competition the judges ask her what has happened to her hand . Anupama tells that she has had an accident recently.

The judges say that it is not okay to participate in the competition with injured hands. They are confirmed to go back and quit the competition.

Anupama says that it is not possible for her at this moment to give up and go back to her home because she has struggled a lot to get this chance.

But the judges do not allow her to participate in the competition because it will not be here. It is not the first time she has also cooked with her left hand before.

She and that she can’t quit because it’s not only about hot but it’s also about the women in the country who has dreamt about becoming a good cook.

What will happen next will Anupama get selected for the first round in the cooking competition? Comment on below.

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