Anupama 23rd July 2021:Rakhi humiliates Shah’s and calls them a beggar

Anupama 23rd July 2021 Written Update

The episode starts with Samar saying pakhi that she has done wrong to Anupama and misbehaved with her. Samar says that due to her Anupama and vanraj’s relation is again messed up. Pakhi says that it’s not her fault at all. Samar asks pakhi to say sorry to anupama.Pakhi denies to tell sorry to Anupama.

Samar drags pakhi to Anupama but pakhi falls doen seeing this Paritosh comes and asks Samar that why is he doing like this to pakhi. Paritosh gets angry on samar for behaving like this to pakhi.Samar asks Paritosh not to judge him without even knowing the full details. Both argue with each other. 

Husmukh sees them fighting and says that they are doing good. Samar, Paritosh, and pakhi get shocked listening to this. He taunts them that they are doing good. There Anupama sits and sees thinks about pakhi. Leela brings milk for her. She consoles her that she was right .

The next day in the kitchen Anupama cooks breakfast when kavya comes and says that she has made breakfast for the family.Anupama start making her own breakfast when kavya says that she had made it for her also. Pakhi sees that kavya had made chocos for breakfast and gets happy.Anupama gives home remedy to Pakhi in case her stomach aches. Pakhi behaves rudely with Anupama and leaves with Kavya.

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Anupama goes to vanraj and says to speak to pakhi ,vanraj says that he will speak later on.Samar brings pamplets of the cafe Anupama finds the letters upright when vanraj and Samar explain that its their marketing strategy to drive customers to their store.

Vanraj gets the news that there is someone else who has opened a cafe in his area and which is more good than his.Anupama motivated him and asks him to bring customers to his cafe as he used to bring customers for his company.

Samar, Anupama, Hasumk and Jignesh feels bad for Vanraj. Kavya gets shocked seeing Vanraj distributing pamphlets and think it might be Anupama’s stupid idea. She leaves the place.

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Rakhi, Paritosh, and their friends finds vanraj distributing pamphlets. She gets ashamed seeing all this. Anupama and vanraj ask rakhi to visit their cafe but they leave. Rakhi calls them roadside beggars. Vanraj argues with rakhi.Shah’s stands shocked.

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