WHAT!! Shruti forces Anupama to attend Anuj and her wedding


The star plus daily soap Anupama is one the most watched shows. The audiences are very excited to know what will be happening in the upcoming episodes.

The makers of the show have never failed to entertain the audience.In the recent episode, it is seen that Shruti is trying to hurt Anupama again and again.

In the recent twist, Shruti is trying her best to make any feel that it’s a matter of a few days before she and Anuj will get married and start staying together.

But on the other hand, yashdeep manifestation for Anupama is working. He is getting possessive anu day by day.

Vanraj gets to know that pakhi is spending time with aarush. And he gets angry and worried for pakhi. He warns pakhi that Aarush is not a good guy.

He also says that Aarush manipulates the people and gives them fake green cards and visas to travel abroad.

Pakhi denies accepting this fact about him. Vanraj gets furious and says that if she wants to continue her relation Aarush then she must leave Kinjal and Toshu’s residence.

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