Anupama New Update:OMG! Guruma curse anupama


Anupama tells Anuj what happened and how she came out of the aeroplane at the last moment. She says that she got an illusion as if Maya is telling her to stay with her own daughter and to take care of her.

She tells that after getting this type of illusion she somehow got of the plane and then she found that there was multiple missed calls from the orphanage and she got to know that her daughter is at the orphanage.

Anupama tells that she felt as if this is a signal for her and that’s why she left the plane. She tells Anuj that when he was asking in the or finished that what is she seeing actually she was seeing maya. Does not know but she feels that even Maya wants her to stay.

Gurumaa says that she will never forgive her she says that when a teacher can bless a student then a teacher can also cuts a student. She says that she thought that she will giving the responsibilities to Anupama.

She says that but she will now not late Anupama live her life peacefully she says that neither her husband no anyone can save her from this. Anupama apologizes Gurumaa for doing wrong to her in lieu of doing right to her daughter and is ready to face any punishment.

Anupama makes her daughter sleep Anuj comes their and helps Anupama because she has got hurt as guruma has slapped her very hard.Anuj applies warm compresses to her cheek. Anupama says pain will go away but not gurumaa’s anger. 

Anuj says getting angry is gurumaa’s right and apologizing is her right, she should continue to apologize until gurumaa forgives her.On the other hand Vanraj recalls Malti Devi/MD’s anger and tells family that Anupama shouldn’t have come as MD will not spare her.

Hasmukh says guru’s curse will not go in vain. Kinjal says that a teacher can’t be a good teacher they speak to their children like this.Kavya says Kinjal is right, anyways she didn’t inform Samar about the incident. Leela says she did right. 

Stay tuned for more updates of the show.

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