Anupama 10th June 2023 upcoming twist: Maaya tries to come between Anuj and anupama

Amupama 10th June 2023 upcoming twist


Anupama 10th June 2023 : The episode starts with anuj and anupama dancing .Anu gets shocked to see that Maya is trying to come in between her and anuj .

Anupama feels bad after seeing this and maaya continues to get in between anupama and anuj.Anuj does not spare a glance at her once and turns around, showing his back to Maaya.

Maaya gets angry and she gets furious and starts biting her nails as she continues to think about what she should do to make Anuj completely hers.

Anu thinks that she cant let anuj to get back to anupama. Anupama slowly walks out of the dance floor and feels a bit upset as she and Anuj got interrupted by Maaya again which she did not want at all.

Malti feels bad for her she thinks that she should go and speak to her,Malti Devi notices the sad expression on Anupama’s face and comes to talk to her about whatever Anupama might be feeling inside her heart about the current situation.

The upcoming episodes of Anupama will more important as the makers are planning something new.

Well the makers of the show have never failed to entertain the audience . Rupali Ganguly is seen as the lead actress in the show.

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