Anupama Spoilers: Will the Shah family accept Kavya’s pregnancy news?

anupama spoilers

Samar gets to know that kavya is pregnant and this makes him happy he goes and hugs her.Kavya says that she did not tell anyone due to nervousness about not being accepted by the family.

Vanraj feels bad after hearing Kavya’s comment and tells her that he would ensure that she does not feel that way anymore as he wants to be a loving husband and father of her child.

A lot of drama is going in Starplus’s daily soap Anupama and the makers are coming up with some and interesting twists in the upcoming episodes.

In the latest episode it was seen that anuj tells to Anupama that he did not understand something about malti devi.

He asks Anupama why did Malti react like that upon meeting him for the first time.She tells that maybe Malti knows the issues they have currently or she had read about him in the newspapers.Anupama tells that Malti behaves sometimes.

Anuj compliments her and wishes her to go ahead in life. He tells her that he will miss her a lot. Anupama knows it won’t be easy for them.

On the other hand,Nakul gets upset seeing Malti and Anupama’s bonding. Leela tells Dolly that Malti has a lot of attitudes.

Leela thinks that malti has trapped anupama. She asks why is Vanraj taking care of Kavya so much when he was focusing on Anupama.Leela tells that once Dimpy comes home, the happiness will leave.

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