Kundali Bhagya New Twist: Rajveer tries to steal money from the locker

kundali bhagya
kundali bhagya

Kundali Bhagya new twist: Preeta thinks that she knows Karan because she has a feeling for him and she does not know what happens when he sees him. Because she always feel there is something connection between both of them.

On the other hand Rajveer rice to open the locker but he feels to open the locker suddenly remember the password and enter it but he does not find anything in the locker. Locker is empty and he gets shocked.

He thinks that maybe Nidhi Hai shifted the money. On the other handPreeta is lost thinking of Karan. Gurpreet comes to talk to her. Preeta tells that Rajveer made a video call to her and she is waiting for his comeback.

Preeta also tells that she feels for Karan and she thinks that she knows him.Gurpreet reminds her that they met during the fire incident. Preeta tells that she feels she knows him very well.Karan asks the clients to have some sweets.

The clients tells that dude does not came over there if the new program was going over at their place.Kavya tells that she likes when more people become a part of her happiness. She calls them her special guests. She asks them to bless her with her Roka.

Zee TV daily soap Kundali Bhagya is one of the most loved TV serials. And the makers of the Show coming up with new and interesting updates in the upcoming episodes.

The viewers of this world very accepted to know what will be happening in the upcoming episodes of the show.

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