Anupama 1st September 2022 upcoming twist


The daily soap Anupama is coming up with a new twist in its upcoming episode and the viewers must be ready for the upcoming update.

The makers of the show or making the serial more and more interesting to retain the audience of the show.

Anupama 1st September 2022 upcoming twist

According to the promo Rakhi gets to know that her daughter is admitted to the hospital. Rakhi reaches Hospital.

Anupama informs her that she has become a grandmother now. Hearing this she gets emotional she starts crying.

Everyone gets happy seeing that at least now she showing her emotions for her daughter. She asks where is Paritosh.

When she does not find Paritosh over there she gets angry and tells that he should be over there.

She gets angry because Paritosh is her husband of Kinjal and he is not there when he must be there at the hospital.

Anupama tells that something is wrong because Rakhi is very upset on Paritosh and she is very angry on him.

Vanraj Anupama tries to understand what has happened but that does not understand and Anupama decides to speak to Rakhi.

Rakhi goes and sits all alone in the hospital chair and she starts crying and she gets emotional.

Anupama goes and ask her why should crying and what is the matter. She reveals something to Anupama.

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