Anupamaa Latest Update:Anuj asks Pakhi to join his bussiness


Samar decides not to enter the dance academy. Dimpy asks him to answer one question before leaving. He tells her to go ahead.

Dimpy says that their own dance academy is closed,and their income source is shut, they have a big family to take care of and he won’t get a job easily.

Samar tells that he will go to a different city and try for another job.Dimpy says he won’t get a job immediately though. Samar says maybe, but they don’t ride a crocodile.

Anupama tries to reach out to samar but he does not pick up the call. Anupama gets worried when Samar doesn’t pick up her call and hopes everything is fine.

Adhik visits Shahs.Leela tells that he should have came earlier in the morning.Anuj says if he wouldn’t have insisted, he wouldn’t have come even now.

Pakhi takes Anuj aside and discusses something with him. Adhik gets afraid seeing that.Later,Anuj starts a poem describing they all saw difficult times in the recent years.

Anuj then announces that Pakhi has also reformed herself a lot and is joining Kapadia industries. Everyone congratulate Pakhi.

Adhik gets tensed hearing the news. Vanraj thanks Anuj .Anupama says they will have Kavya’s baby shower ceremony as it’s her first baby.

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