Anupama upcoming major twist: Gurumaa gets angry with Anupama


In the Star Plus daily soap Anupama a lot of interesting twists will be happening in the upcoming episodes. As we all know that Anupama canceled her flight to the USA and state in Ahmedabad. And after hearing this guruma gets angry.

Anupama chooses choti Anu over her career

The episodes starts with Anupama telling Anuj that why did she took the decision of not living the country and staying over there she says that actually today a mother won over at her own career for her children.

She says that she was not able to leave for USA because she could not even imagine of living her daughter all alone after all that has happened she says that she had to come back because she is emotionally attached.

On the other hand Nakul send some messages to Guru Maa, he says that maybe Anupama has reach Ahmedabad he also ask why you she not picking up the call. Anupama thinks gurumaa maybe angry on her and that’s why she is not picking up the call.

Malti devi thinks that were the teacher can bless us student and the blessings have power similarly when a teacher gets angry on student and curse them that also has a lot of power she gets angry because of Anupama.

Anupama tells Anuj that maybe nakul is canceling all the shows in USA and it has only happened due to her. She says that she knows that her teacher is very angry on her but she was not able to control her emotions.

Gurumaa tells Anupama that she is no more her guru/teacher nor maa/mother, so she lost her right to call her gurumaa. She tells that Anupama was her favourite student and one of the best student she has ever got in her life.

She gets angry on Anupam and she slaps her.Anuj, Vanraj, and Leela confront Gurumaa for slapping Anupama. Anupama asks them not to interfere as it’s between her and her guru. 

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