Anupama 28th July [Promo Update]:Is Kavya Really Pregnant?


Anupama 28th July [Promo Update]: Anupama written update

Anuj and Anupama start getting ready for the baby shower ceremony. Anu feels that something bad will be happening.

On the other hand, kavya sits alone in the room and thinks that how can she tells the truth to everyone. She thinks that she is respected as she is pregnant.

She thinks that she cant reveal the truth.Kavya feels nervous,She says to herself that she cannot do more of this false act by herself and needs to get the truth out of herself.

Kavya thinks that the baby has giver a second chance.And her becomes a member of the family again but things do not seem to be working for them again.

She starts crying,tears roll up in her eyes.She says to herself she is not ready to face the truth but the guilt has been killing her.

But she also thinks that she must reveal the truth even though she knows that she can lose everything.

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