Anupamaa 21st June 2022 Promo update


Anupamaa 21st June 2022: Star Plus release on Anupama is coming up with a new twist in its upcoming episode.

The audience of the show is very excited to know what will be happening in the upcoming episodes.

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Barkha tells Adhik that the children of Anupama are very close to Anuj.

She tells him that he should go and get close to Anuj. She gets shocked when she finds that GK is standing over there.

On the other hand Anupama, Anuj, Adhik, and Sara go to visit shah’s house. Sara tell that it was so busy the last day that they could not even chill.

She invites everyone and all the members to come to their house and have some good time together. Pakhi tells that she is ready to go.

Hasmukh tell that if the kids want to go they can go and visit Anupama’s house. Vanraj tells that they will not go and they should not go.

In the latest episode, it is seen that Anupama starts cooking in the kitchen. Barkha gets angry when she finds that she has arranged the kitchen in her own way.

Anuj and Ankush come there in the kitchen and ask what is being made for breakfast. Both of them get excited when they get to know that she is making halva.

Both of them sit at the table and start eating the halva directly from the bowl. Barkha get surprised to see Ankush behaving like this.

Later Anuj tension anupama that he is afraid because Ankush wants to get into their business. He tells everything is ok but he is afraid of money.

He tells that when his father and Ankush’s father started the business it was very good but after that it become problematic and differences came between them.

Anupama tells him to think positive she says that nothing will happen. She gives the tiffin box to Anuj and Ankush.

Ankush gets impressed that she has made tiffin for him. Anupama gets ready to leave for the dance academy.

Sara ask her where is she going she says that she will be going to her dance academy. Burger get surprised to hear that Anupama is also working women.

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