Star Plus Anupama latest episode spoiler alert: Ankush decides to join the Kapadia business

A lot of Twist will be happening in the upcoming episode of Star Plus daily soap Anupama. The audience of the show are very excited to know that what will be happening in the coming episodes.

Anupama latest episode spoiler alert:

Barkha asks that why there are still and plastic utensils in the kitchen. Anupama says that those things belongs to her.

Barkha gets irritated by always. She does not tell anything to Anupama. Ankush, Anuj and all the kids come to the kitchen and asks that what is being made for the breakfast.

Anupama tells that she is making halva for all of them because it is her first in the kitchen after the marriage.

GK gets excited and he tells that he will also eat halva. He feels uncomfortable in front of Barkha. Everyone sits on the table to have their breakfast.

Ankush and Anuj tells Anupama that they will not eat from the bowl, but they will directly in the hall were from the utensil.

Barkha feels awkward watching on this. Adhik tells her that he is seeing Ankush behaving like this for the first time.

He says that Ankush is behaving the kid. Barkha kicks Ankush and asks him to speak with Anuj about the business.

Ankush asks whether he can join the family business or not Anuj says that yes he can join but he should take permission from Anupama.

Later Anuj tells Anupama that he is very afraid because the relation between his family and Ankush family became bad after their father’s become partners in the business.

He tells that money can make differences between two families. Anupama asks him not to worry because everything would be fine.

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