Udaariyaan Episode 292 Promosode :Tejo warns Jasmine


Tejo comes to meet fateh. Jasmine tells that this cant happen because she can come to meet fateh. She tells her mother-in-law that she can make this happen.

Jasmine says that it is now her commitment that you will never let fateh and Tejo live happily and together.Tejo ask her to keep quiet.

She says that she has came there to give important things to fateh and further she does not need the permission to come there.

Jasmine also insults fateh in front of everyone by saying that she wants some good gift from him. She says that she forgot that he does not have a job.

She says that she knows that he does a job of our school teacher and he has risen from the job now. So he does not have the money to give her a gift.

In the latest episode it is seen that Jasmine gets to know that she is married to amrik and not fateh. She gets angry on everyone.

Amrik tells that he has done only is planning so that fateh does not get the punishment for His fault. Jasmine screams and tells everyone that she will never let tejo and fateh to reunite.

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