Udaariyaan Spoiler Alert: WHAT! Jasmine is trying to kill Tejo?


Udaariyaan Spoiler Alert 27th december 2021 :High voltage drama is going on in colors tv serial Udaariyaan. Fateh meets angad.Angad thinks that the photo that was sent tejo was sent by fateh.

He thinks that Fateh wants to get back tejo in his life so he s doing all this. Angad meets Fateh and starts fighting with him . But fateh reveals the truth that it is jasmine who is doing all this.

In yesterday’s episode, Angad gets surprised to know the truth about jasmine. Later fateh decides to leave the place but he finds jasmine speaking to a stranger. He understands that she will again try to harm tejo and then he decides that he will folloow her to understand that what is he upto.

Angad decides to turn the fake engagement of tejo and him into a real relationship so that she can’t go back to Fateh. He calls Khushbeer and tells them to prepare for his and Tejo’s marriage.He tells that he will convince tejo for the marriage.

So far it is seen that fateh and tejo miss each other. After that jasmine tries to destroy tejo once again. She kidnaps Riya after which tejo meets with an accident but fateh saves her and takes her to the hospital.

Angad gets to know from Mr.Sharma that it was fateh who used to work as a driver. Later on, jasmine visits a pub there she cleverly clicks photos with Angad and sends the photos to tejo .

Udaariyaan produced by Dreamiyata Entertainment is one of the most loved shows. The viewers of the show have always given lots of love to the show . The recent track going in the show is very interesting.

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