Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 7th February 2022 Spoiler Alert

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 7th February 2022: Shruti comes with the blanket to give it to be right and finds that he is lying on the floor.

She sees that he is unconscious she feels nervous and searching that what should she do. She tries to wake him up.

ghum hai ksi ke pyar mein

Shruti thinks that she does not know anyone in the city and what will happen now she decides to call all and inform the family members of Virat.

On the other hand, Samrat tries to reach Sai but she does not pick up because he says that they should go and find out why she not picking up the call.

He says that it must be that she is in the classroom and attending her classes that’s why she is unable to receive the call.

He asks Mohit and patralekha to accompany him. The phone rings at that moment and Mohit thinks that it is Sai calling them.

Devyani goes to pick up the call but Bhavani ask her to stop. Bhawani tells patralekha to pick up the call. She picks up the call.

Shruti tells that it is her she says that she just want to informed in something very important Bhawani asks that who is calling Pakhi tells that it is Shruti.

Samrat gets angry and he cuts the call patralekha screen set a man asks why did he cut the call because it is an important call.

The phone rings once again Pakhi goes to pick up the call but Samrat holds her hand and asks her not to receive the call.

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