Udaariyaan : Jasmine asks Fateh to throw Tejo out of the house


Udaariyaan Update: Jasmine asks fateh to click photos with her. Fateh finds that Tejo has was came over there to tell him something.

Tejo tells fateh that he should not worry because his job is safe she says that she got the letter from the college.

She tells Fateh that Jasmin will become fine in some time. He tells that he does not think that Jasmine will be fine.

Fateh informs someone that he has the job and he will be joining it from the next onwards. Jasmine find her sister were there.


Jasmine gets angry at tejo and tell her to leave the house. She asks fateh to throw out Jasmine . She holds her hand.

Fateh goes and asks just been to leave her. He says that she can come to that house whenever she wants. Jasmine pushes tejo and she falls down.

Jasmin tells she can’t enter the house anymore.Gurpreet tells Jasmin to let Fateh and Tejo be as they’ve fulfilled all her wishes. 

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