Udaariyaan 26th Dec 2021: Fateh follows jasmine


Fateh fears that jashmine is again planning something against tejo for ruining her life.he starts following her to see that what she is up to.Fateh over hears the conversation between tejo and a stranger at the bar.

Jasmine sends some photos to tejo of angad with her . Later Angad worries that Fateh did that to get Tejo back. Angad gets into a fight with fateh. Fateh reveals that it is jasmine who is doing all this.

In the latest episodes, it is seen that tejo decides to leave the town .Angad gets afraid of losing her. Sharma asks him that whether he likes Tejo. Angad tells that tejo could be the most wonderful thing that can happen in his life.

Sharma tells angad to go to tejo and tell her what he feels for her.Meanwhile jasmine goes to the pub and acts like she is high where Angad couldn’t recognize her and helps her.

She takees some photos of him and sends it to tejo to create misunderstanding between them.Fathe is about to leave the town, he finds Jasmine conversing with a stranger. Fathe sees Jasmine giving money to someone and follows her. 

Till now it is seen that fateh and tejo starts finding riya and while finding riya tejo gets hurt.Fateh saves tejo and then takes her to the hospital and the doctor does the treatment.

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