Udaariyaan Episode 274 Latest Update: Angad makes a dangerous move

Udaariyaan Episode 274 Latest Update

Udaariyaan Episode 274 Latest Update:High Voltage drama is going on in Colours TV daily soap Uaariyaan . A lot of drama will be seen in the upcoming episode.

Some goon attacks rupy while he is speaking on the phone. Fateh sees all this and he starts running at the goons he tries to save rupy.

But the goons starts beating him on the other hand drive the car and stop the car in front of tejo’s Scooty. She asks that what is going on.

He does not answer her and asks her to sits in the car he drags her into the car and she asks that what does he want to do.Angad keeps quiet and does not reply to her he drive the car .

In the latest episode It is seen that tejo and fateh tries to help Simran and buzo so that they can get married. Tejo asks fateh to speak to b Buzo’s father.

Tejo says that she will somehow make Simran’s father agree for the marriage . On the other hand Jasmine speaks to a boy and asks him to do something.

The upcoming episode will be very interesting. Is Jasmine planning something new ? What is Angad upto? To get the latest updates and to know about what will be happening in the upcoming episodes stay tuned with us.

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