Udaariyaan Upcoming ‘Big Twist’:Fateh gets to know the truth


Jasmine does not care about the family and tell that if no one will be doing the last which one of her wedding then she will do it by our own.

She does the last Bidaai ritual and leaves the house. Teju starts crying Rupy ask her not to cry. In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that fateh and Jasmine will reach the airport.

Fateh will expose Jasmine’s ploys at the airport and will tell her that she loves nothing except her own self. Jasmine will get shocked to know it from him.

On the other hand Tejo will reveal the truth to Rupy she will tell him that actually, she was acting. And it was a lie that she and Angad are ready to get married rupy will get shocked to hear the truth.

In the latest episode It is seen that tejo after the wedding of jasmine and Fateh. She asks Angad to stop the acting because the purpose is served.

Angad consoles her . Later on both of them goes to the Gurudwara there Tejo meets fateh. Stay tuned with us for latest version update.

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