Starplus Anupama Upcoming 19th January 2022 Promo


Anupama 19th January 2022 Promo:Vanraj tells samar that if he does not like the relation between him and Nandini he can break it. Anupama says that this is only thing that he can’t understand.

Anupama shouts at him and tells that he will never understand a relationship. She tells that no relationship is perfect but they have to make it perfect.

She says that no relationship is like a plastic that it will be ok for years but the thing is they have to make the relationship perfect.

She makes samar understand that love is very rare in this world and everyone does not get it. She tells that he was think before what he does.

A lot of drama is being going on in Star Plus daily soap Anupama. And it’s know about the fight between her son and Nandini.

Nandini asks the family that why does they always support the men and not the women.Vanraj tell that it is because no one has done the thing that Kavya has done.

He keeps on blaming Kavya for all that happened.Samar comes there and says that you want to in the relationship between the man he throws the engagement ring.

Vanraj tells Nandini that he knew that she will be like Kavya after all she is kavya’s nice. She feels bad after listening to this.

Vanraj ask her to leave the house Anupama saves her but she runs away from there. Anupama asks vanraj how can he do like this because he is a father.

She says that he needs to make the relationship ok but without doing that he did the opposite him he broke the relationship.

He says that the relationship was it destined to be broken. Anupama scolds samar for his behaviour towards Nandini you makes them understand how are you relationship works.

The audience is liking the current track of Anupama very much. Stay tuned with us to get the latest news and updates of the serial and keep on watching StarPlus daily soap Anupama.

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