Udaariyaan Spoiler Alert: Fateh tries to destroy himself


Udaariyaan produced by Dreamiyata Entertainment is coming up with new and interesting twist in each and every episode.

So far it is seen that Jasmine returns to Rupy but he says that he will not allow to stay over there after whatever she has done to her sister Tejo.

Rupy things that why has fateh done like this to her he thinks at first fateh broke the relation with Tejo and now with Jasmine he decides to inform khushbeer about all this.

On the other hand khushbeer thinks that he expected that fateh will return to the life of Tejo and everything will get ok but still he got married to Jasmine.

Rupy later on meats fateh on the road he asks fateh about the fake marriage he asks that why did he decide to do the fake marriage.Fateh tell that he was not ready to marry Jaswinder so he did all this.

Rupy asks whether he will return to the house or not he said that he will not return to the house because he wants to punish himself. Justin returns to the virk’s house and tells everyone whatever has happened with her.

On the other hand Angad and Tejo reaches Shimla where Tejo finds angad’s daughter. His daughter denies to go back to the hostel.

Tejo decides to help angad with his personal life. Angad gets angry on his daughter and scolds her, Tejo asks that why is his calling her.

Angad asks her to stay away from the personal things of his life. Tejo decides that when Angad has helped me in the personal life of her then she will also help him out.

In the upcoming episodes it will be seen that fateh decide to punish himself and destroy his life he starts drinking and remembers all the old moments and love moments with Tejo. Jasmine decides to ruin the life of Tejo and Fateh.

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