Bhagya Lakshmi Latest Update: Rano brings the Divorce papers

Bhagya Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi Latest Update: Lakshmi asks Rishi whether he has found the photo that is there in their room. Rishi says that yes he has found the photo.

He says that the photo is torn and that means that Lakshmi is very angry on him. He says that he is very much sorry for all that happened.

He says that Lakshmi should be angry on him for his deeds but she should also give him one chance to explain it to her. Lakshmi does not hear anything and leave from there.

Rishi stands over there and starts crying, Ayush comes there and asks that what happened Rishi hugs him and starts crying.

Aayush consoles him on the other hand rano to the house after making the divorce papers. She tries to show that how much she loves Lakshmi and her sisters.

Shalu and bani gets emotional and hugs her and says that she takes care of everyone. She says that you’ll make the favourite dish for Lakshmi today.

On the other hand she tells us that he must be happy because he has got what he wanted but he is not happy and he does not know why.

Are you still that he can understand everything and asks Rishi to go home. Lakshmi returns home and bani asks her whether she will return to Rishi if he comes there and apologize from the date of his heart.

Lakshmi says that she will never return to that house in any chance. Pritam find the divorce papers and asks rano what is she doing with Lakshmi both of them starts arguing.

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