Anupama S01 Ep454,22 December 2021

Anupama 22 december 2021

Anuj tells that after the accident he never got to know that when they went to the hospital.Anuj gets upset and remembers the past experiences of his life.Anupama also starts crying seeing him.Anuj says that after they went to the hospital his parents died.

He says that malvika went into coma then he did everything, he went to the temple and prayed to god.And after some days malvika got back her senses. He tells that malvika never asked anything about the accident.On the other hand kavya sees vanraj and remembers what has happened earlier.

Anupama finds that Malvika and GK have came there. GK things that he has done a mistake by bringing Malvika was there. Leela tells Hasmukh that just now Anupama husband back to her house she gets surprised . He says that why did she go to her own house instead of going to Anuj’s house.

Leela says that it is fine because Anupama has her own life she does not only have to duty of looking after others. He thinks that just now Anupam I have started falling in love with one another and if both of them stays apart maybe they are relation will again be broken.

Malvika asks Anupama whether she loves Anuj she gets surprised ,she keeps quiet. Malvika says that is it still the one way traffic for it is from the both sides. And Anuj tells that there is nothing like that he and Anupama and only good friends and there is nothing like that between them.

Malvika watches and come and says that it is not like that because now Anupama is also in love with him, she starts laughing she says that she was only joking. Anuj says that she has still the habit of making jokes. He asks her to see Anupama how scared she was.

Samar drops Nandini home, Nandini tells him that now he should start calling his father not by his name but as father. He says that he is trying to change and he must also change.Samar says that he will try his best. Samar tells Nandini that he is now very fed up of dropping her to the house.

He says that they should get married and Nandini asks him to speak to his mother. Both of them tease each other. Malvika tells Anupama that a place of a friend can be replaced by a sister. She asks Anupama to come with them to their house.

And promises that and a place of a sister can’t be replaced by a friend. Anupama tells that she will be coming in 1 minute after she leaves from there Malvika tells Anuj that she is upset with him because maybe she is a friend but they should not tell their personal things to anyone.

After Anupama comes they leave. The next day Anupama goes to the kitchen and starts thinking that what will Malvika like to eat in the breakfast. She removes her hair and the hair strikes Anuj’s face. Anu says that if it would have been a film then this would have been shown in slow motion.

Anupam asks him whether he got hurt, he says no. He says that he is here in the kitchen to make some tea, inform asks him to take rest but he says that he will never leave her alone in the kitchen and family members how she used to work alone in the kitchen.

Anuj says that he also wanted to say something to her. He says that the thing that Malvika told you last night, it is wrong and she should not take it seriously. He says that he knows very well that she does not have any feelings for him.

Anupama start speaking to herself when she thinks that, Anuj does not even know what she feels for him and he is speaking all the rubbish.Malvika comes there and tells good morning both of them, Anupam ask her what will she like in breakfast.

She tells what she wants to eat in breakfast Anupama says that she will make it just now. Mallika says that she has returned home after a long time and now she will prepare the food for Anuj and Anupama. Animal starts feeling shy and both of them stands are there in the kitchen.

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