Anupama S01 ,Ep451 18th December 2021 :Malvika meets anuj’s love Anupama


Malvika tell Anuj and GK that they will be punished because they are late to come to the party. Kavya asks Anupama that who is Malvika. She tells that she does not know about her Kavya asks her to ask Anuj and ask him that who is she.

Mallika tells that the punishment is that they have to dance with her. Anuj at first denies listening to her but then starts dancing with her. Three of them enjoy the time.

After dancing Malvika looks back and she remembers that she is in a business party. She tells Anuj that she has forgot to introduce them to the guests. She asks him to turn around Anuj and GK finds that it is shah family.

Anuj gets shocked to see them in the party. Malvika introduces Anuj and GK to everyone she tells that Anuj is her elder brother. Everyone gets surprised to know the truth. Malvika finds out everyone is feeling awkward.

Malvika asks vanraj that whether he already knows Anuj he says that yes he already knows Anuj .Malvika tells that that means Anuj and vanraj both have hidden her.Vanraj tell that he kept it as a secret because he wanted to surprise the family.

He introduces Malvika to each of the family members. Malvika tells Kavya that she is very pretty. Malvika asks him to introduce her to his ex-wife. Malvika tells Anuj to introduce because she is his friend. Anuj tells her that it is Anupama.

Malvika gets surprised that it is Anupama. She goes to her and hugs her she tells that she is Anupama , ‘The Anupama’. Anupama tells that she is also very pretty. Malvika asks that it how much pretty she. Anupama tells that she is very very pretty.

She adds Anuj might have not told about her to anyone. Anuj stands stunned. Malvika invites vanraj to click some pictures Kavya follows them .Vanraj signals Kavya to stay in her limit and to control her self. Anuj tells Anupama that he never wanted to hide anything from her.

He asks Anupama to trust him Anupama says that she trusts him and she also knows that when he will feel comfortable he will tell the truth to her. Anuj tells that he he never wanted to hide anything and he can’t hide anything because everything he does in his life he wants to share it with Anupama.

Malvika asks vanraj that whether he is feeling awkward or not.Vanraj tell that why will he feel awkward she tells that because Anuj and Anupama both love each other. She asks that whether he is feeling it difficult to accept it.Vanraj says that it used to feel awkward but now he has accepted it. Malvika introduces him to all the members in the party.

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