Anupama Ep 473 -13th January 2022: OH NO! Anuj finds Malvika and Vanraj together


Anupama 13th January 2022 : Pakhi tells Anupama that she wants to go to USA to complete her for educations. Anupama keeps quiet and starts thinking. Pakhi ask her why she quit and what is he thinking about. Pakhi guess that she is thinking about how will she afford it.

Anupama says that she is not thinking about it but she is thinking that how can she live without seeing her. She says that she lives outside the house in a different house but still she has believed that whenever she wants she can go and see her.

Anupama asks Pakhi why does he want to go outside India to study. She says that there are many good colleges in India as well as in Ahmedabad. Anupama tells that after completing graduation she can go outside to pursue more education but was the need of doing graduate outside the country.

Pakhi tells that Kinjal and Nandini also went outside to pursue their further education and when they speak about all this she feel as if she has not done anything in the life. Anupama says that the rest of the life is left to enjoy and to see the world but now she should think about her studies.

Anupama tells Pakhi that she should not go in the influence of her friends. Pakhi says that all her friends will be going outside. Anupama asks her whether she has decided which college she wants to go. Pakhi tells that she has yet decided. Anupama says that she wants to go out to study and still she has not decided which college she wants to go.

Malvika comes their and asks Anupama whether she will be coming to the office she remembers how Anuj and vanraj went to the office. Anupama says that she will be accompanying her to the office. After reaching office they find that Anuj and vanraj both trying to prove who is better than whom.

Anuj decide to walk out from Malvika and Vanraj’s company. Anupama decides to speak to vanraj about pakshi when he is cool. Anuj tells are poem to Anupama both of them looks at each other.Leela gives cold coffee to Pakhi. Pakhi refuse to drink. Leela side Anupama and Pakhi gets irked with her.

Pakhi think Shahs won’t let her go to the USA ever.Vanraj asks Malvika that’s why she said he decides to boost her confidence. Malvika feeds him sweets Anuj and Anupama watches all this Anuj feels embarrassed seeing on this he leaves from there.

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