Kundali Bhagya S01 ,Ep 1137 21st Dec 2021

Kundali Bhagya

Preeta gets a bad dream,shristi calls sarla and tells that preeta is behaving awkward.Sarla comes there and asks that what has happened to her.Preeta gets up and tell that rakhi is missing.

Sarla asks that where is sarla missing.Preeta says that she got a dream where rakhi was not there.She tells that she needs her.Rakhi wakes up and tells kareena that she she got the dream of preeta.

Kareena says that it is happening only because she always thinks of preeta .On the other hand, sarla tells preeta that she should not think about the luthra family. Rakhi tells that she wants to meet Mahesh.

Kareena says that they should not because Prithvi will again torture them.Rakhi tells that but due to him she can stop meeting Mahesh. Sarla scolds preeta and tells her to sleep.

Rakhi goes to meet Mahesh . She goes to Mahesh and speaks to Mahesh she tries to make him remember about the family. Mahesh pushes her and rakhi falls down.

Prithvi comes there and Mahesh gets scared. He asks that what are they doing there. Mona comes there and tells that she went to bring the medicines for Mahesh luthra.

She starts beating him. Rakhi tells mona to stop beating him. Rakhi goes to and tries to save Mahesh. But Mona starts beating her. Kareena asks Mona to stop and ask that how did she dare to touch her.

Prithvi tells that he has instructed her to do this Prithvi says that he has told before that they should meet Mahesh because he has become a mental patient.

Prithvi asks them to leave from there. Sherlyn and Prithvi think that now take me to take each and every revenge for the problems that they had to face for the Luthra family.

The next day sarla seats upset thinking about the last night. Janki brings for her, she asks for everything that has happened the last night. She says that she has to speak to Preeta.

Preeta comes there and tells her that she is sorry for the last night,sarla says that she wants to tell her something about Pragya because she does not want the mistake made by Pragya is again repeated by preeta.

Sherlyn what’s in the kitchen and thinks that why does Prithvi ask her to do so much work because after one she is his love. Rakhi comes over there and tells her that she will help her.

Kritika tells that she will not because she has got in her hand, Sherlyn asks Kritika to take her to the clinic. She asks to take the money from her drawer.

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