Anupama Upcoming 23 December 2021 Promo Update

Anupama 23 December 2021

Anupama 23rd December 2021: Malvika gets angry on and she says that nothing will happen if he tells sorry to her. She says that he said the same during the time of Akshay. Anupama hears all this and gets shocked. Malvika gets angry on Anuj and starts breaking everything in the house.

She leaves the house without telling anyone anything. Anupama and Anuj starts finding her. Malvika goes to the shahh house. Kavya gets shocked to see Malvika at their house.

The upcoming an episode of the serial Anupama will be very interesting. The makers are coming up with a new twists and turns in each and episode which is keeping the audience tune to the show. Star Plus daily soap Anupama is one of the most-watched TV serials.

So far it is seen that Anupama gets to know about the truth of Anuj’s past. On the other hand Samar tells Nandini that his father is changing day by day and it is good that he has started feeling for Anupama. Nandini asks him to to call his father not by his name.

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He says that when his father is trying to change then he should also change he says that he will try his best. Samar tells Nandini that he is fed up of dropping her at home now they should get married. She says that he must ask his mother about the marriage he says that he was about to ask but all this happened.[Anupama 22 December 2021 Promo :Will Malvika help Anuj and Anupama to fall in LOVE? πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰]

Malvika takes Anupama to Anuj’s house.Later on Mallika tells Anuj that she is very upset with him because Anupama may be his friend but they should not tell their personal things to any friend or anyone outsider. The Anupama goes to the kitchen to make breakfast.

She finds Anuj standing behind her, she asks that what is he doing over there he says that actually he came to the kitchen to make some tea Anupama ask him to leave from there she says that the doctor has told him to take rest. He says that he can make the tea he does not have any problem with that.

Anuj apologize to Anupama for whatever Malvika has said the other day. Anuj tells that he knows that she does not have any feelings for him. Anupama starts telling herself that Anuj does not know about her feelings and he is telling that she does not feel for him.[Anupamaa-Anuj Kapadia romantic video,Watch here πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰]

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