Kundali bhagya episode 1015-2nd august promo written update

Kundali Bhagya

In upcoming episodes of kundali Bhagya it will be shown that Preeta will say the truth to her mother. Sarla calls Preeta and says that she is not feeling well and feeling like something is wrong. She tells that she can’t understand WhatsApp with her daughter.

Sarla as a mother understands that something is wrong with her daughter and she also feels like something is wrong with her daughter. Preeta tells Sarla that she is not pregnant and will never be able to become a mother because the doctor has said that she can’t conceive.

Preeta speaks to her mother and breaks down crying she cries and says to sarla that she will be not able to become a mother and also she was never pregnant. And at that very moment, Karan opens the door then comes in. Karan hears Preeta speaking to someone.

The upcoming episodes will be quite interesting for the audience because the show will be coming up with new turns. In the latest episodes, it is shown that Sherlyn has said to Kareena that Preeta is actually not pregnant.

When Kareena queries that how did she know that, she says that it after coming from the hospital she is quiet and that proves that something is wrong.

On the other hand, Preeta thinks that she will be telling the truth to Karan but she is unable to speak to him because she thinks that if she tells the truth maybe Mahesh will again go into depression hearing the news.

Moreover, the family is very happy and enjoying Sonakshi is waiting and at this moment of happiness, she can’t tell the truth to everyone, because it will deteriorate all the happiness. On the other hand, Rakhi says to Sherlyn to not get jealous.

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Kareena says that doesn’t she remember that when she was pregnant everyone used to care for her. Sonakshi has told preeta that she is like her sister and now the relation between them are of sisters.

Preeta also tells Karan that the relation in which there is love is the best relation in the world. She asks current to help Rajat, Karan agrees to help him.

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