Apna time bhi aayega Weekly Update : Is Ranvijay the new Villain in the show

Apna time bhi aayega

Zee TV serial Apna time bhi aayega is coming up with a new twist in his upcoming episode. In the latest episode, it is shown that someone has tried to kill Rani in the kitchen. Rani has gone to the kitchen to make something when there is a spark.

And suddenly the kitchen is on fire Rani screams and calls Veer to save her, Veer runs and comes there and see if Rani is running scared and she is sitting at the corner and the kitchen is on fire, Rani is afraid seeing the Fire.

Veer saves her from the Fire. Rani can’t understand that who is trying to kill her again. On the other hand, Jai Singh is already in that house with Nandini she is trying to know that what is going on in the house.

In the earlier episodes, it is shown that Veer gets to know that he is the son of Ranvijay and not an orphan. But veer is upset with rani sa as she has tried to defame him also because of her the license of veer is canceled.

And as per some of the new promo on youtube, we can assume that it is ranvijay who is trying to do things to take revenge.Ranvijay thinks that rajeswari has kept him away from his son for many years and now after so long he had got the opportunity to meet his son.

On the other hand, ranvijay wants to take revenge from rajeswari and is trying to create difficulty in their lives.

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