Kundali Bhagya August 2, 2021: Sarla breaks down after knowing the truth

Kundali Bhagya

Shristi decides that she will go to Lonavala to see Preeta, she is feeling very lonely because everyone has left for Lonavala and she has no one to spend time with. She asks Janki that will she accompany Her.

Janki is not ready to leave because he knows that Sarla angry get angry on her, but later on she decides to go with Preeta. Janki is tensed that when sarla will get to know the truth what will happen on the other hand Srishti starts packing her bag.

On the other hand, Mahesh tell that Karan was with Sonakshi’s fiance the last night, and dadi gets angry on Karan and says him to do sit-ups. She punishes him and says that why he is not with Preeta. Mahesh was that he was feeling like calling him that day, then says that he was getting angry on Karan.

Sarla goes to Srishti Room and sees that everything there is chaos she finds Srishti so that she can tell her to arrange her stuff properly, but unfortunately, they have already left for Lonavala. Sarla could not even find Janki.

She finds a letter where it is written that Srishti has left with her lover, seeing the letter she gets tensed and can’t understand that what is happening to her.

While traveling towards Lonavala Srishti and Janki speaks with each other, Shristi says that sarla will get to know the truth very easily, because the letter’s handwriting is her. Sarla after finding the letter call Srishti she yells at her and says that how can she leave the house like this.

Shristi explains that they are going to Lonavala to attend Sonakshi’s wedding, Sarla then tells her that she should not be attending the wedding as she does not even know Sonakshi to which Srishti reveals that Karan invited her. [Read more | Kundali Bhagya 2nd August 2021 Spoiler : Will Karan figure out the truth of preeta’s pregnancy👉👉👉]

Sarla calls Preeta and says that Srishti is on the way to Lonavala, while speaking she understands as a mother that something is wrong with her daughter she asks her what is wrong with her.

Preeta breaks his silence and says the truth to her she says that she can never be a mother and neither she is pregnant. They are Dadi increases Karan’s punishment because she has left Preeta alone.[Bollywood news | Shehnaaz Gill, Mouni Roy or Lauren Gottlieb all 3 wore Rocky S gown👉👉👉]

Sarla asks Preeta that how can she be so much sure that she is not pregnant she tells about how she went to the hospital and after the test the doctor told her that the pregnancy news is wrong. Karan comes to the room and sees Preeta crying over the phone.

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