Kundali Bhagya 31 July 2021 Upcoming Update: Doctor lies to Preeta that she isn’t pregnant

Kundali bhagya

In today’s episode Preeta will reveal that, and hearing this news the whole family will be shocked. Mahesh can’t even imagine about this, he can’t understand what he should do. The whole family was happy because of her pregnancy and were ready to welcome the new guest in the house.

After knowing the truth of Preeta, current breakdown he has thought of playing with the child. He wants to become a dad. All this dreams have come to an end due to this, He when is not able to express himself.The reaction of all the family members is shaking and Preeta is also hurt and broken. She even feeling shameful.

Mahesh after listening the news from Preeta gets hurt, he breaks down he has dreamt of becoming a grandfather and playing with his grandchildren. And like this the whole family is shocked, even Preeta feels uncomfortable telling the truth to her family. Because the whole family is very happy.

Hello on the other hand when Srishti gets to know about this news she breaks down she cries for her sister. She can’t even imagine because she has thought of becoming masi, soon. Sarla is unaware of this news she is preparing herself to become a grandmother.

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And waiting for the day to play with her daughter’s kids. But when she gets to know this she will also go to broken. It is very difficult for the family to deal with this news. They can’t even imagine that the situation will come to their life.

In the upcoming episodes it will be shown that Preeta gets to know the truth, about her pregnancy she gets to know that it it was Sherlyn, who has prepared to destroy my life once again. She gets to know that Sherlyn has asked the doctor to tell her a lie.

The doctor lies to her that she isn’t pregnant and never does she will going to receive another baby The reason Sherlyn did this is her jealousy.

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