Kundali Bhagya 2nd August 2021 Spoiler : Will Karan figure out the truth of preeta’s pregnancy

Kundali Bhagya

Zee TV serial Kundali Bhagya episode 2nd August spoiler: feel the something is wrong with her daughter Preeta she calls her and asks her about that. She asks her daughter to say her because she will handle everything.

Preeta reveals that she is not pregnant and neither would be able to be pregnant in future, Salah get shocked listening to this, she can’t even imagine that the pregnancy is false.

Preeta says she didn’t conceive any baby in her womb, and can never conceive the baby ever. She says that she can never be a mother.She exclaims that there is no baby coming, there won’t be any baby coming in future as well.

Karan enter the room and find that once again Preeta is crying, she gets to know that Karan is standing behind her. Karan stands shocked seeing tears and preeta crying he cant figure out that what is wrong with her.

Karan doesn’t know what is Preeta hiding and not able to share it with him. Preeta just told Sarla about the false pregnancy news, that spread and gave many hopes to the family, but Karan don’t know about this.

Latest episodes it is shown that Preeta, has gone to the hospital and gets to know that she is not pregnant neither can be pregnant in the future. But till now she has not told the truth to everyone in the family, because she doesn’t want to to destroy everyone happiness.

She is afraid that after listening the news Mahesh may go to depression again. On the other hand Sherlyn is trying her level best to show everyone that Preeta is not pregnant. Sherlyn says to Kareena that Preeti is not pregnant and there is no need of taking care of Preeta.[#trending : Kundali bhagya dhamaka episode -Oh NO ! Preeta tells the truth to sarla ]

Kareena asks her mother how did she know that Preeta is not pregnant, she says that after coming from the hospital with the silent there must be something fishy. She asks her to confirm it itself from Preeta.

The whole family is very happy and enjoying the wedding of Sonakshi at Lonavala. Preeta trying her level best to hide the truth from the family. In the upcoming episodes, it will be shown that she will reveal the truth to the family.

And after knowing the truth everyone will break down, how will the family react to this news ?

Well according to some reports, it is a fake news that is given to Preeta, about the pregnancy because Sherlyn has told the doctor to Preeta. Will this news can be a truth because in the early episodes it is also shown that house Sherlyn has tried to kill preeta’s unborn babies.

On the other hand she is also jealous because she has lost her child, and she thinks that the reason for losing her child is Preeta.

Well the upcoming episodes will be quite interesting and the audience is very eager to know what is coming up next .

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