Anupamaa Upcoming Twist: Kavya Insults Bapuji, Calls Him ‘Tax-Chor’

Anupama episode 31st july 2021
images-still from the show

Star Plus serial Anupama upcoming Big twist- Kavya gets to know that they have to pay tax of 20 lakh rupees. As soon as she gets to know she gets angry on vanraj for not letting her know the truth.

In the earlier episodes it is shown that how the government officials came to the cafe and told vanraj and Anupama that they have not paid tax from a long time and a couple of years. As a result they have to pay 20 lakh rupees within a short period of time.

After this incident Anupama and vanraj as discussed over the matter and decided that they will not tell anyone anything and deal with it.

Kavya finds vanraj intention and that’s where she thinks that maybe something is wrong with him when he leaves she searches his bag. She gets to know about the tax.

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Kavya comes and says that why they have not told her about the incident, she tells Bapuji that the fault is his because he has not paid the tax and the place was his. She insults Bapuji in front of everyone.

Afterwards Rakhi gets to know about all this and gets happy, as she has got another opportunity to insult them. Moreover she is trying so that her daughter Kinjal leaves the house and stays with Paritosh in a penthouse away from the family but as Kinjal is attached to the house she is not able to decide what she wants to do.

Rakhi, later on, reaches the shah house and offers the money to them but vanraj, refuses to take the money she starts insulting as always. [India news corona update48.78 crore vaccine doses have been provided to States/UTs so far]

She says that there is no other way they can get 20 lakh rupees in a couple of days. She says that the only way they have is to come to her and Fall on her feet and beg for the money.

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She says them to take the money,Rakhi questions this ‘Yaaraana’, but Vanraj was quick to interrupt by saying that this is ‘dostana’. Insecure Kavya also questions Vanraj for working together with Anupama.

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