Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein Spoiler Alert: Sai will go to Chauhan residence with Virat

Ghum hai kisi ke pyar mein

Virat has realized his mistakes and wants to take sai home. He has told sorry to sai and asked her to return with him to the Chavan house but sai is upset and says that she will not ever return to the Chavan house. Pulkit says that he will take sai to his house and she will stay with him.

Later on, Ashwini comes to the room and sees pakh in Virat’s room and gets angry she tells her that pakhi should stay away from Virat . Virat had got to know that it was pakhi who had said ajinkya to go to sai’s room.

Later on, they get to know that sai will be released from the hospital and they get happy. But when Virat tells sai to go with him to Chavan’s house she denies it in anger. Sai is still upset about his behavior.

Sai gets discharged from the hospital. Virat once again requests Sai to go home with him but Sai refuses. Sai thinks and says that she will go back to the house listening to this Virat gets happy.

Sai says that she will only go to the Chavan house to bring her belongings. Virat says that she don’t have to go there only to bring her belongings. Sai says that after taking her things she will leave and will stay with pulkit.

In the upcoming episodes, it will be shown that everyone will be happy to see Sai in the house, Bhavani will also perform Sai’s aarti.

In the earlier episodes, it was being shown that Virat and sai went into an argument after that sai left the house and met an accident . Virat took her to the hospital and on the other hand, pulkit gets to know about the accident and goes there.

After sai gets back her senses pulkit tells her that Virat is equally upset and wants to speaks to her but sai denies speaking to Virat as she is very hurt by his words. Sai tells how much she has been hurt by Virat’s behavior.

Later on, sai also says that she wants to go with him to his house and doesn’t want to return to the Chavan family.

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