Anupama 30th July 2021 :Anupama Have to Pay 20 Lakhs


Today’s episode starts with Anupama. Kavya tells Anupama that she will pay her rent. Anupama says that she can’t take the rain because the place is not her it’s Hasmukh’s.Vanraj says that he will pay the rent to Anupama, Anupam agrees to take the rent. Kavya things that men cannot keep their ego by side.

Hasmukh, feels bad because his son has spoken to Anupama in a wrong way. He tells Leela how to make vanraj understand that he can’t speak to Anupama like that. Anupama handle this situation be very calmly.

There at the cafe vanraj ask that the Chef is learning from Anupama or not. He tells the Chef to learn all the special dishes from Anupama. Kavya tells that she will help in preparing the dishes. One says that she should remember how she behave in front of Mansi.

Kavya argues with him he leaves from there .Samar it says Anupama that if one wants to pay them they didn’t then she should take the rent at the market rate.

The media arrives at the cafe to take interview of vanraj they ask vanraj that how an ex husband and an Ex wife can be friends. How Anupama help him to start up with the cafe, how Anupama helped him mentally and financially. Kavya asks them that they can also take interviews with her.

They say that they will surely take the interview that day when the cover page will be on second wife. Kavya gets Furious she says that she is the current wife of vanraj.

Media person talk among themselves and concludes man can never handle things if their ego is hurt.Vanraj asks media person to take on his face not back. Reporters asks to behave well with them else negative publicity can shut his shop.

Vanraj learns about paying land tax of amount 20 Lakhs. He stands stressed. Rakhi tells Paritosh that whatever he has to do he must do but he shall bring Kinjal out of that house. Paritosh says that Kinjal is attached to the house and Anupama too.

Rakhi says that if anupama’s love can,keep Kinjal in the house than his love should drag her out. Anupama Learns about the property tax. Kavya comes from shopping and Pakhi discuss with Kavya Her dance performance. Kavya asks her to give her some space.

There Vanraj and Anupama speaks about the tax he says that they both will pay the tax equally because they share the space.Samar overhears all this conversations.[Episode ends]

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