Anupama 28th July 2021 : Vanraj sings ‘Neele Neela Ambar Pe’ song

Anupama Episode

Today’s episode starts with Anupama. Anupama comes to the cafe everyone gets shocked Kavya asks her, why has she came there who has called her. Kavya assumes that maybe vanraj has called her and that’s the reason why she is here.

Vanraj says that he has not called her, Leela and Hasmukh say they have also not called Anupama Kavya says to Anupama that when she requested her she did not come. Then what happened to her that she came suddenly to help them.

Anupama says that Samar told her to come there and help them out. Kavya says Anupama to go to the kitchen and she will manage Mansi. Anupama shocks everyone. Anupama says that she will be professional this time. Anupama says that she will charge 500 rupees power for hard work.

Everyone gets shocked to listen to this Anupama says that she will only work professionally this time. Kavya gets angry and gives the money Anupama says that she will not accept cash she wants online payment only. Kavya asks Vanraj to transfer the money.

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Anupama goes to the kitchen to prepare the food. Anupama along with the chef and Leela prepare the food for Mansi and their Kavya speaks with Mansi and text the whole credit of the cafe. The other family members stands shocked listening to Kavya.

Anupama apologizes to Leela for taking money, Leela says that she has done a good job. Anupama prepares the food for Mansi and goes to serve it. The other customers also say that they won the same food. Kavya denies. Anupama brings food for everyone. All the customers gets happy and impressed by seeing Anupama.

Leela’s friend sarla comes to the cafe and they pay a warm welcome to her. Sarla asks vanraj to sing a song because he is a very good singer. He says that he can’t sing a song because there is an open mic and it’s for the customers. Leela says that he is also a very good singer and he should sing a song.

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Vanraj agrees to sing a song and asks Samar to bring his guitar. Vanraj Sings song with Samar, everyone gets happy seeing this.

Mansi says that she needs a photo with the owner. Kavya and vanraj stand for the photo. Vanraj asks Kavya that do I need to call the other members like Leela and Hasmukh. Kavya says that it is not a family photo.

Kavya asks Mansi that did she like the cafe Mansi tells that she will tell them afterward and they must wait for her review.

Vanraj thanks Anupama for helping him. He asks Anupama to pray for a good review.ย Vanraj says to Anupama that he is happy Samar got her upbringing.

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