Anupamaa:MAHA DHAMAKA! Anupama tells the truth to the shah’s


Anupamaa:The episode starts with meenu telling that she wants a candy floss.Husmukh tell that if jignesh would have been there then he would have rushed to get the candy floss.

Anu says that she also wants candy floss.Barkha stops Anu and says roadside candy floss is unhealthy.Ankush asks Barkha not to worry.

Ankussh tells that everyone child loves candy floss.Meenu and anu goes to get the candy floss.Toshu says that he wants to keep a pet name for arya.

Samar says that the name must be approved by them. Then he says that he will cal his daughter pari. The shahs like the name.

Anupama gets a flashback. Rakhi says Anupama is silent and it is good for them.Then toshu confess his love for Kinjal. He asks her not to doubt on him if he comes late home.

He assures her that he will never betray her.Kinjal gets happy. Anupama asks Paritosh to keep some shame.

Rakhi tries to cover Anupama.She tells anupama to go to her room.Shahs asks Anupama to speak up why she screamed. Kinjal asks Rakhi to stop.

Anupama says she regrets giving a birth to Paritosh.Leela asks Anupama what rubbish she is talking.Leela tells rakhi to take anupama inside.

 Anupama says to Leela that if she will hear about Paritosh’s truth than she will start hating him too.She exposes Paritosh’s deed. Kinjal stands stunned.

Kinjal asks Paritosh if Rakhi and Anupama is saying truth. Paritosh asks Kinjal to believe he love her.Then Kinjal asks Paritosh to swear upon their daughter.

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