Anupama: NEW TWIST! Anu goes missing from the house

NEW TWIST! Anu goes missing from the house


Anupama and anuj reaches the house anupama tells anuj to take anu inside.Anuj tells that he has never taken a sleeping child in his arms. Anupama tells that now he should learn to do this.

Anuj asks Anupama to stay back in the car as Anu might get disturbed. Anupama takes Anu. Pakhi speaks to adhik and tells that she was shocked when she learned the truth.

Vanraj come to the room and tells pakhi that it is ok that adhik has told her about the matter on call but he will allow her to meet him as he does not like the boy.

On the other hand, anuj and Anupama think that they are lucky that they have become parents and they get excited. Anuj sees that Anu is scared while she is sleeping.

Anuj says he can understand as orphans always fear that whatever they are blessed with will get snatched later. The next day they wake up and find that anu is not there they get scared.

Anupama starts running and she finds that anu is not there .Anuj says that she should get worried because it can be that anu is in sara’s room.

They find that anu is playing in the garden.Anuj and Anupama spend time with Anu.Anu tells that she wants to drink the hot chocolate.

In the shah house vanraj tell everyone that he has a call for a job interview and toshu also tell staht he has also got a call from a MNC for the job.

Stay tuned to us for the latest spoilers and updates of the show and keep on watching star plus serial Anupama.

Kavya says Anu is lucky for them too. Paritosh says that Kinjal has an appointment with the doctor.Anu along with Sara, GK, anuj and anupama enjoy chocolate milk.

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