Anupamaa:Samar comes back to anuj and anupama


Anupama:Sara shows the rakhi that anu has made.Anu tells that she wants to send the rakhi to her orphanage friends.

She also says that she wants to go to the shah’s house.Anupama tells that they will stay there and celebrate.

Anupama tells that they will enjoy it a lot .Anu gets excited and gets happy.Vanraj tells that they should celebrate the festival the next and forget the things that happened there.

The next day everyone does the aarti.Anu waits for the shah’s to come.Samar comes there and surprises all of them.

Anupama gets happy to see him.Samar tells that he will do the party now and he dance with everyone.Anu thanks samar.

Samar tells that he will never let anupama or anu be sad.Anupama cries in the kitchen samar consoles her .He tells that due to pakhi the families has separated.

Anu calls at the shah house , kavya get happy to hear her. Then she tells her to put the phone on speaker.Anu request all of them to come to their house.

She says that Anupama is also sad. Anupama calls her anu cuts the call.Vanraj thinks that why samar went to meet anupama.

Vanraj asks kinjal what happened,kinjal says that she doesn’t want to stay in the negativity that’s why she is going to meet Anupama.Kavya tell that she is also going to go with her.

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