Starplus Anupamaa 21st July 2022:OH GOD! Anu does not get hurt and escapes from the accident

Starplus Anupamaa 21st July 2022

Anupama asks Anu whether she is loving the right of the auto. She says that she loves to write the auto because in Mumbai she used to ride the auto.

She asks Anupama why does not Paritosh and her other children live with her. She says that it is because they have become big. She tells it is good to have to house.

Anupama tells her that she will not like to have the food made by her she can go to Kinjal. Anu holds Anupama’s hand and says she always wants to be her. 

Anu asks anupama whether they are going directly to the hospital. Anupama tells that yes they are going to the hospital directly. On the other hand Kinjal gives ready to leave for the hospital.

Leela tells her to take care of herself and asks her whether Anupama will be coming to meet her or not she says that Anupama is on her way to the hospital.

Suddenly Kinjal loses her balance but Samar saves her from falling down she tells him not to tell anyone otherwise everyone will start thinking about her.

Samar Decides to go with Kinjal, on the other hand Anupama steps down from the auto so that she can buy a water bottle for Anu. She asks Anu not to leave her hand.

Anu runs towards the road, Anu runs on road and escapes an accident. Anupama worry for Anu.Samar and Kinjal wait for Anupama to come over there.

On the other hand, Anupama gets worried about her daughter.Anu tells her that she should send her back to the orphanage. Anupama consoles her and tell that will not send her back.

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