Zee TV Bhagya Lakshmi Latest Episode -12th July 2022 Spoiler Alert

Bhagya Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi Latest Episode -12th July 2022 Spoiler Alert-Rishi asks Balwinder who has given him permission to follow Lakshmi and why was he doing all this.

He asks him who is behind him and who is telling him to do all these things and who has told him to tell everyone that Lakshmi is pregnant.

Balwinder tells that no one has given any instruction to him he follows Lakshmi.Ayush notices that Balwindar is looking at Malishka and Malishka backs away from Balwindar.

Rishi starts beating him. Lakshmi asks him to stop. Rishi doesn’t listen to her. Rishi takes the knife but Malishka stops him. Malishka asks him why is he doing all this for Lakshmi.

He asks what’s wrong with taking revenge for Lakshmi. He reminds them that Lakshmi has done everything for Ahana. Everyone convinces Rishi to leave Balwinder. But Rishi doesn’t listen.

And then Balwinder decides that he will tell the truth but then suddenly hear the police Siren. Rishi asks who called the police. 

Ayush tells that maybe Lakshmi has called the police. Virender tells that he will handle the police. After some time he comes back and tells that he has told the police that Rishi has returned.

Rishi tell that now he should start with the plan B. Malishka asks what is their plan B. Ayush shows the truth serum and tells her about its effects.

Malishka pushes ayush and he loses his balance but rishi catches it.Aayush thanks him for catching the bottle.Rishi says that they must find out the truth.

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