Bhagya Lakshmi 15th July 2022: Malishka Exposed! Rishi catches malishka

Bhagya Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi 15th July 2022:Malishka makes rishi sleep, Lakshmi thinks about rishi and she goes to see whether he has slept or not.

Malishka hears that someone is coming she acts like she is sleeping. Lakshmi sees that Rishi and Malishka are sleeping and goes back.

Ayush wakes up and he thinks that Balwindar might have woken up. He thinks that if Balwindar wakes up Rishi might have also started beating him up.

Malishka opens the door for the goons. Aayush comes and sees that everyone is asleep and he goes from there. Ayush goes to Balwinder and slaps him to wake him up.

Rishi goes and finds Malishka with Balwinder. Kiran thinks she should see Malishka and goes down. Rishi asks Malishka why is Balwindar not tied.

Malishka tells that Balwinder’s friends came to take him.Rishi asks that where are they.Kiran goes to the Goons and says the plan failed and tells them to go away.

The goons run away rishi follows them but he fails to catch them. Rishi comes to Balwinder and says his friends came to save him but Malishka stopped them.

After some time all the family members comes. Kiran praises Malishka that she stopped the Goons.Rishi asks Balwinder to reveal the truth .

Balwinder reveals the truth of malishka:

Balwinder points at Malishka.She tell that he is lying and Kiran asks how will they believe some goon words.Rishi asks him to show the proof.

He gives the proof and everyone gets shocked. Malishka says it’s not her voice. Rishi asks her to stop it.He tells Lakshmi kept her character at stake for my family’s reputation.

He tells that Lakshmi is good and malishka called this Balwinder to defame Lakshmi.He tells that Balwinder touches his wife.Malishka says she didn’t do it and asks Neelam to believe her.

Neelam tells that she should shut up. Lakshmi says she will give her justification. Later Malishka gets shocked seeing the angry reactions of family members.

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