Bhagya Lakshmi Episode Spoiler Alert: Rishi and Malishka goes to buy mangalsutra

bhagya lakshmi

Zee TV daily soap Bhagyalakshmi upcoming spoiler alert: Rishi thinks that it is enough and now he will not think about Lakshmi anymore.

He thinks that he has sacrificed many things because of Lakshmi and now you will live his life. He thinks that now you should live with Malishka.

Rishi receives a message from Malishka. Malishka asks him whether he will be coming to her place or not. He says he is coming to meet her.

Malishka gets excited hearing this on the other hand Lakshmi receives the call from Darshan. And he asks her to join in his jewelry shop.

She agrees to work over there. On the other hand, Rishi goes to maliska’s house and proposes to her. He says that he wants to marry her.

Everyone gets happy seeing this. He says to malishka’s mother that he wants to take Malish how to buy a ring. Malishka asks them will they buy the mangalsutra or not.

He says that they will also buy the mangalsutra. In the jewelry shop, the woman makes Lakshmi understand everything she asks her to join in the mangalsutra department.

The woman tells her that she is married so she can explain it to the couples very nicely. Unfortunately, Rishi and Malishka lands up in the same shop where Lakshmi has started working.

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