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Anupama 13th July 2022: Anupama and Anuj spends time together Anupama tells him that she was thinking of something. She tells him that Anu will be coming to the house.

She tells him that and she wants to tell everyone about that. Anupama tells him that what if she tells everyone before Anu comes to the house.

Anupama tells that it would be good because everyone will be adjusting themselves according to that after knowing that Anu is coming to that house.

Anuj holds her hand tightly and tells that no this will not happen. He tells that the most luckiest thing in his life is Anupama. The second most good thing is life is that Anu is coming to his house.

He confirms her that no one will raise any questions on that and he will also not let anyone today’s all this questions about Anu. On the other hand Adhik and Barkha speaks about their plan.

Adhik stills Barkha that he wants to marry me and after hearing this she gets shocked. She asks him that what is he when speaking about.

He tells her that she should think wisely he tells his plan to her he says that if he marries pakhi then automatically she will be coming to that house.

And after she comes to that house she will become his wife and Anupama I will always listen to Barkha for the sake of her daughter.

Unfortunately Sara opens the door and hears the conversation between both of them and after knowing the truth that why Adhik is doing all this she gets shocked.

She screams and tells her she will be telling the truth to everyone specially Anuj and Anupama just now. She rushes from the room and calls anuj and Anupama.

Sara comes in front of Anuj and Anupama Adhik and Barkha also follows her both of them tries to stop Sara from telling the truth.

What will happen now ?

Will Sarah really tell the truth about Adhik and Barkha to Anuj ?

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