Kundali Bhagya: Arjun decides to destroy Preeta’s life

As seen so far Arjun gets upon the stage and announces that now he will reveal the truth to Karan. He tells that he is a fan of Karan and he will tell the truth.

Then the drama starts, and everyone gets excited to see the drama. In the drama, a man comes and acts like Karan and tells the story to everyone.

Preeta gets emotional after watching this. In the last scene where Karan dies Preeta could not stop herself when she goes to save the man but Arjun stops her.

She realizes that it is a drama going on and it is not the reality. The Luthra’s tells Arjuna that he has done a mistake by showing this story to everyone.

They say that it has given lots of pain to them because Karan was a part of their family and he is no more. The Luthra’s decides to leave the party. Arjun gets upset and he goes away from there.

Rakhi comes to him and asks him why is he always angry. He tells that there is no use of telling all this now because everyone is leaving him and going from the party.

She says that no one is going from the party and everyone will be staying there and enjoy the party he gets excited. Then he speaks to Anjali and tells that he will take revenge now.

He goes and asks Preeta to dance with him and both of them gets aunty stage and starts dancing. With its emotional thinking that it is the same steps that Karan used to do with her.

While dancing Arjun asks Preeta whether she has danced with Karan ever. Preeta gets emotional and she remembers moments with Karan. She turns around and slaps him and tells that it is a private thing and he should not ask all this.

She tells everyone that Arjun has misbehaved with the Rishabh comes there and hears all this he gets angry on Arjun. He tells Arjun that he should not have done all this to Preeta because he does not like all this.

Everybody decides to leave the party. Arjun goes into his room and he gets angry and starts breaking and throwing the things in the room. Anjali comes there and tries to calm him down. He tells that now he will be taking the revenge on Preeta.

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