Zee TV Kundali Bhagya 8th-15th July 2022 Weekly Update

Kundali Bhagya

Everyone goes to attend the party kept by Arjun. Preeta feels awkward over there and she keeps on thinking that Arjun is actually Karan.

Arjun comes in front of everyone and Rakhi starts missing her son Karan she meets Arjun and both of them gets emotional. Arjun tells that he has an important announcement to make at 9:30.

Later on at 9:30 Arjun comes on the stage and tells the as he has promised everyone that he will be making an important announcement.

He tells that he wants to tell the truth of Karan. He says that he is the craziest fan of Karan and he will reveal the truth in front of everyone today.

Arjun goes to the stage and tells everyone that the truth is that Karan was murdered. The drama starts suddenly Rishabh finds that there is a man entering into the drama and he starts thinking that who is that person.

He starts thinking that you can be the person because he can’t relate with the Life Of Karan. Arjun comes from behind and tells him that it is no one but himself and before he could turn around to see who is the person who is whispering in his ears he go away from there.

Then Preeta suddenly things that what is being shown in the drama she gets emotional after seeing all this Arjun comes from behind and tells her that she is acting because she knows each and everything what is happening.

Everyone gets emotional after seeing the drama the Luthra family decides to leave the party because they feel bad. Rakhi tells Arjun that he has done a wrong thing by showing all this because it is very normal that they will get emotional after seeing all this.

But everyone stays in The Party Arjun asks Preeta whether both of them can dance together for the sake of the fans of Karan. At first she denies dancing with him but then the family insist Preeta to at least dance then she agrees to dance with him.

While dancing Arjun asks Preeta whether she and Karan ever danced like this. She gets emotional and she turns around and slaps him and tells that he is misbehaving with her and he is asking such questions to her which is very very private.

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